SATL Automotive Aftersales Summit carry out an annual get-together among aftermarket sales decision-makers and to get ideas and affirmation to progress in the right direction with one's own function.

The theme on 20.11.2019 is The image of the future and new business models for aftermarket sales in the automotive industry.

Aftersales Summit will be held first time 2019. The first time will be more national than international but the aim is to have in the future one of the biggest international Aftersales Events in Europe.

The theme is divided into four sections, each in which perspectives are sought for the future challenges of maintenance and repair activities.

  • The continuing development of technology
  • Renewable business models
  • Networking and intelligence
  • The increase in societal requirements


The event is organized in collaboration with FISITA, which represent over 210 000 automotive engineers from 37 different countries around the world. With regard to the international dimension, a partnership with FISITA is clear added value to the upcoming event from the perspectives of both the content and communications.

This event is Supported by FISITA.

As the international membership organisation of the global automotive mobility systems engineering community FISITA is uniquely placed to promote excellence in mobility engineering through the delivery of visible, coordinated recognition of its member’s technical conferences in support of the FISITA mission and the development of safe, sustainable and affordable mobility solutions.